New launch “Pro Series”

Introducing the Morgan Designs Artist Glove “Pro Series”

We teamed up with industry professionals to design their take on what an artist glove can look like. They came up with graphics for our new line of drawing gloves, we call it the Pro Series. Collect your favorite artists work and let their unique creative energy channel through you to bring you inspiration.

We are currently working with the top art directors, concept artists, character designers in the world in the world. The idea is to gather the most advanced and seasoned digital graphic illustrators to create a feeling of unleashed creativity when you work on your artistic projects.

The new Pro Series at has new designs by art director Jeremy Cook, concept artist Justin Fields, and character designer Kriss Vector.

Check out the Morgan Designs Artist Glove Pro Series line here:

See the Workhorse by Jeremy Cook.

See the Beast by Jeremy Cook

See the Green Mamba by Kriss Vector

See the the Copperhead by Kriss Vector

See the Greyhound by Justin Fields