The Cyborg Artist Glove Left Hand


For Left handed Artists.

DESIGNED FOR TABLET DRAWING: Use our glove to create stunning digital drawings, painting and cg art. Use with Ipad, drawing tablets, Pen Computers, Wacom Cintiq, Companion, Intuos, and MobileStudio Pro. GREAT FOR SKETCHBOOK DRAWING: Protection from smudging and smearing your lead and graphite all over your epic illustrations. Our artist glove not just for computer art, it’s for practical drawing too. ENJOY EFFORTLESS SMOOTH STROKES: The artist glove protects your screen from hand oils and typical dust or debri that can cause cause friction and stutter the smooth strokes of an artist. Watch your hand create effortlessly smooth strokes as it slides across the screen with ease.

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Artist Glove, Drawing Glove, Smudge Guard

  • Digital artist drawing painting glove
  • Moisture Wicking Technology
  • 100% Sublimated Artwork
  • Made of Strong Polyester and Flexible Spandex Material
  • This product is for one single glove.
  • Comes in Right handed only

This is a Left Hand glove

Looking for a right handed glove? click here.

When you are drawing, creating, deigning or illustrating; we want to feel inspired just by putting on the Morgan Designs Artist Glove. We want to help you unlock the inner creativity that helps to get your ideas out into the world through digital painting, sketchbook drawing, graphic design and illustration. We are artists like you, so we live for this stuff, and cannot wait to see you excel with smooth strokes, less monitor heat and the cozy comfort you will experience with our screen cleaning smudge free computer Artist Glove. We are honored to have you on the Morgan Designs Artist Glove team. Now go create something Awesome!

The Morgan designs Artist glove was created by Mike Morgan of Morgan Designs a digital illustrator and designer from northern California.